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About Me

I am passionate about life, learning, love, people, business and marketing. I adore the arts and consider it a privilege to add them to my life in any way that I can, from a well-crafted press release to a precious portrait of a newborn. I am grateful to be able to live my passions and put my talents, education and experience to work each day.


I offer a happy, practical middle-ground between being a savant artist and a no-nonsense corporate suit which has served me well throughout my career. I am very proud of my work ethic, integrity and ‘can do’ attitude and know those traits are appreciated by my colleagues. I am a strong leader, a devoted follower and caring person. 


On a personal note, I enjoy outdoor sports including hiking and cycling, and the arts, especially, photography, sculpture and body casting. I love to read and write, including poetry on the RARE occasion when I'm feeling melodramatic. I adore my family (including 2 dogs), enjoy service projects immensely and have strong personal faith. I am happy with myself and my life but always looking for ways to improve and love a challenge.



Master of Arts Degree,  Strategic Communications
National University; La Jolla, California


Bachelor of Arts Degree,  Mass Communications / PR 

University of Utah; Salt Lake City, Utah


Associate of Arts Degree, Graphic Design
Utah Valley University; Orem, Utah



  • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

  • Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, DreamWeaver)

  • SharePoint (Intranet, Project/Staff Management tools)

  • Asana (Project Management)

  • WebDAM (Digital Asset Management)

  • Omniture (in-depth website/eCommerce analytics)

  • GoToWebinar (hosting webinars)

  • Google Analytics (website tracking)

  • Audacity (Audio Editing)

  • Adobe Premier (Video Editing)



  • 15+ years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Advertising, PR, Communications and Graphic Design

  • 10+ years in leadership roles overseeing teams of 5-30 staff

  • Unparalleled work ethic

  • Ability to create and maintain excellent relationships

  • The energy, enthusiasm and education to instill confidence and inspire action

  • Proven success managing teams and projects

  • Successful design and implementation of Marketing Communications Plans for a variety of industries in full-time and consulting roles

  • Experience working with a range of audiences, customers and partners; Extensive and diverse writing, editing, and audience-specific messaging experience

  • Strong project management skills and experience in multiple enterprises and product types

  • Vast experience in website design, content development, media campaigns and social media; Social media and SEO best practices knowledge and implementation

  • Strong aptitude for research and communicating findings; experience analyzing and evaluating products and services, determining and creating competitive differentiators; Experience with and great appreciation for metrics generation, analysis and reporting to consistently measure and improve my strategies

  • Marketing, Editorial and Creative Writing/Editing Expertise

  • Creative Vision, Planning, Execution

  • Organized, Analytical, Efficient, Tech-savvy; Exceptional Research Skills

  • On-Screen Training and Experience

  • Social media, Blog and SEO Expertise

  • Graphic Design, Photography, Basic HTML

  • Small- and Large-Scale Social and Business Event Planning Expertise

  • Branding and Marketing Innovator

  • Implementation of proven Advertising Theories & Designs

  • Email and website marketing design, implementation and analytics

  • Exceptional performance under deadline

  • Extensive communications training and execution including creating and implementing Crisis Communication Plans, Public Relations, Media Laws and Ethics, Marketing Plans, Comprehensive Communication Plans and  more

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