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Power and Control


“You’re all about Power and Control”

I’m not actually. But since I’ve had to be, “You’re welcome.”


My “Power” is what holds you up when you can’t stand any more.

My “Control” is what pulls you back from the cliff’s edge.

My “Power” is what keeps your demons at bay.

My “Control” is what keeps me from leaving when I should.


True “Power” is the Spirit that sustains my soul.

That is the only “Power” I want or need.

True “Control” is gladly given, but never taken.


A “Strong” Woman


A strong man needs a strong woman.

A strong woman needs a powerful man to enable her to rest

from the burdens pulling her down more each day.


Control is not having faith enough to let go.

Letting go is having a partner you can trust.


Help is lightening the load when you see a need.

Help is not wrenching away what you want, when you want.


Power is asking permission and giving it gladly.

Power is not taken, it is receiving gently.


Woman is not meant to be in front, beside or behind,

but tucked beneath your arm,

wrapped in your embrace or free to return.


A “Strong” woman is happy not to have to be…


Two Views


One sees and loves my inner artist and passion.

The other says I am boring and so serious.


One says I have the most radiant smile and laugh,

am the happiest happy girl and, when I cry, the saddest sad girl.

The other doesn’t see much of me at all.


One wants me to write and paint and find joy and contentment.

The other interrupts my first painting in a decade.


One was the man whose shoulders would carry my burdens.

The other makes my shoulders sag and back break.


One wanted my joy, even over his.

The other wants nothing more than his own happiness.


One showered me with unnecessary and unexpected gifts.

The other asks what I want.


One knew I loved flowers and surprised me occasionally with a bouquet.

The other has been told repeatedly and never delivered.


One says I would be the most beautiful mother.

The other says he’d have a child with me “as long as…”


One waits and begs for me for years without end.

The other takes what he wants as though it’s nothing, I’m nothing…


One loves me endlessly.

The other loves me, loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not.


One loves ME. Every facet of me, entirely.

The other loves my body but knows not the rest.


        Yet NEITHER is there when I need him. ~101317

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